Don't Teach, Do.

Ideas Are Great But Ideas In Action Are Even Better
Welcome To Real Life Ed.

Learning that matters.

My name is Ben
And this is Real Life Ed.

I am a dropout teacher who shares real life lessons on mental health, creativity and entrepreneurship.

I believe we get stuck in life, because we have been and taught to get stuck.

It's not all your fault but it is your responsibility to find the tools to get unstuck.

 At Real Life Ed I teach you how to get unstuck.

I explore unconventional approaches to education
health, and creativity to get you out of the theory and into the experience.

It's time for the real you and it's time for real life.

If you are sick of the gap between theory and reality, and if you are ready for learning that matters, then join me on the quest to close this gap.  

What Is Real Life Ed?

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Society For A Wonder'ing Mind

Creativity, getting unstuck in life and tips for existential anxt!
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Become The Hero In Your Story

We are all living out our own stories. Each week we talk to real people about real life to learn about their stories and how they navigate through them. We dive into their interests, relationships, life experience and careers to see where life has taken them and where life is going to take them. We are all the protagonists in our own lives, and we want to know how your story will end.
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Real Life Ed YouTube Channel

Daily Thoughts, Motivation, And Documenting My Business and Lifestyle!
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"All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us"
- Gandalf

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